How To Make It in America

It's all about the struggle

How To Make It In America
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This is a community to discuss the HBO show How To Make It in America. It was created on 31 March 2010 by condenast and is currently moderated by condenast. The community is the most updated and active HTMIIA community on Livejournal.

01. Please stay on topic. You have all the freedom in the world and banter is encouraged but posts should be relevant to the show.
02. Icon posts are welcome but please use a cut if there are more than 3. We don't want our flist pages to be miles long.
03. The cut rule also applies for long posts. I trust you all are members of other communities. The same rules apply here. If you think your post is about to be dubbed 'too long' you're probably right and it's time to use a cut.
04. No promotions. This is the one rule that will be monitored very strictly. It's very annoying and I'm sure you understand that.
05. Posts are open so please make them all public. The exceptions are music/download posts with should be locked for obvious reasons.
06. No bashing. You want to insult someone, do it somewhere else.
07. Source everything. We don't encourage stealing so please link to the source where you found it.
08. Finally, HAVE FUN! These rules are just to make sure everyone knows what's what so don't let them stop you!